Membership options

British Military Fitness membership options

To give you the opportunity to experience British Military Fitness for the first time, you can try a class for FREE at any of our venues across the UK. Come along and see how we can help you improve your health and fitness and (have fun at the same time).

Tried a BMF Class?

Now that you’ve tried it for the first time you’ll understand how effective British Military Fitness really is. Think of the difference it will make to your health, fitness and wellbeing when you come along to classes every week. Not only that, we guarantee that you’ll have plenty of fun and make some new friends while you’re getting fitter and stronger.

Membership options

There are 3 membership options and 2 ways to pay.

Pay monthly

Unlimited classes

The most popular option as it allows you to attend any class at any venue at any time. That’s right As many classes as you’d like as often as you like wherever you like.

One class a week

If you already have other sport activities on the go then the one class a week membership might be the right choice for you. You can pay for both of these memberships by Direct Debit.


In addition to our monthly memberships we offer occasional users a pay-as-you-go membership which allows you to purchase 10 class credits in advance by credit or debit card and then top up as and when needed.

How much does it cost?

A £25.00 joining fee applies to all memberships, and monthly memberships last for a minimum of six full calendar months.

Visit your chosen venue page for membership prices.

Key workers

If you’re a key worker you can benefit from a discounted rate when you become a member at British Military Fitness.

Corporate membership

We work with a number of employee benefits companies to offer discounted rates to large companies and organisations. If you think that you might qualify please speak to your HR or employee benefits team for more information. British Military Fitness is unable to offer corporate membership rates without your company email address.

How do I buy?

All memberships can be purchased here.