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After the perseverance and resolve shown by the Impactors, our story resembles that of a phoenix, rising from the ashes of our previous rebirths.

ImpactX Prime

Welcome to ImpactXP (ImpactX Prime). We are a community driven platform that aims at empowering the rise of the Impactor, an individual who seeks to drive positive change in their world.
  • Revolutionizing the Cryptosphere through government backed renewable energy contracts
  • Bringing back the trust to investors via IMPACTOR MarketCap (IMC)
  • Integrating our Play 2 Earn (P2E) game into Metaverse in later stages
  • To be the leading token of the global shift into renewable energy
About us

Who Are We?

  • ImpactXP token was a fair launch on November 24th, 2021 as an ERC-20 token on Ethereum network after rebirth, bridging the gap between cryptocurrency and renewable energy, offering investors security and fair gaming reward.
  • The Impactors are positioned to rise and accomplish whatever we set our minds to
  • Contract address : 0xb12494c8824fc069757f47d177e666c571cd49ae






Amazing Tokenomics to Boost Your Gains

Contract Address :

Total supply

1 Quintillion

Burned at Launch

50 %


3 %


3 %


4 %


1 %

Join the ImpactXP Family

Become an IMPACTOR

Whether your passions are in Finance, Environment or your Local Community,
join us in our revolution.


ImpactXP Roadmap

Phase 1

Phase 2

  • 15,000+ Impactors
  • Small Exchange listings
  • SaitaMask listing
  • Marketing Campaign impacting the global market (in progress)
  • P2E - Beta

Phase 3

  • 50,000+ Impactors
  • Global Partnerships in Renewable Energy
  • Tier 2 Exchange listings
  • NFTs, Metaverse Integration

Phase 4

  • 100,000+ Impactors
  • Impactor Market Caps (Team & Roadmap auditing)
  • The Rise of ImpactXP Global Communities
  • Tier 1 Exchange listings

Phase 5

  • 300,000+ Impactors
  • Investment in green start-ups
  • Next Phases Roadmap
Decentralised Exchange

You can buy ImpactXP
on Uniswap by using self-custody crypto wallets like Metamask or Coinbase wallet app with ETH.
Centralised Exchange

You can buy ImpactXP
directly on a centralised exchange like
Lbank.info with USDT.

Centralised Exchange

You can buy ImpactXP
directly on a centralised exchange like
Xt.com with USDT.
Centralised Exchange

You can buy ImpactXP
directly on a centralised exchange like
Hotbit.io with nUSD.

Centralised Exchange

You can buy ImpactXP
directly on a centralised exchange like
Bitmart.com with USDT.
Centralised Exchange

You can buy ImpactXP
directly on a centralised exchange like
Digifinex.com with USDT.

Centralised Exchange

You can buy ImpactXP
directly on a centralised exchange like
BitForex.com with USDT.
Centralised Exchange

You can buy ImpactXP
directly on a centralised exchange like
Bkex.com with USDT.
Core Team Members

The Prime Impactors

Jad Farah

Learn more about Jad Farah by watching the Fully Doxxed video bellow

Fully Doxxed

Learn more about Jad Farah


Technical Manager
My name is Julienne also known as Karata on social media and I currently live in France. I’m proud to be a member of the ImpactXP core Team. I am in charge of updating the ImpactXP website and creating content for our socials.


My name is Lucie Bou Gerges. I am an electrical engineer, strategist, visionary, team leader and project manager. I am on a mission to help change the world through renewable energy, innovation and mindset shifting, in order to make a positive sutstainable impact on our planet.
Help the planet

 Making a global Impact

MATW & ImpactXP: Water Wells In Tsevie, Togo.

April 2022
Thank you @MATWProject1 for helping us provide clean & sanitised water to the people in Tsevie, Togo. Join us in our mission to make an impact on the world. One village at a time.

Read more about MATW Project

ImpactXP works with "One Tree Planted"

Jan 2022
To make a global change on our home planet. IMPACTors will make an impact one step at a time. Our trees are vital to our planet, it is shelter and food for our animals, trees provide us oxygen and shade. We must make a change.

Donate to help plant trees around the world

ImpactXP Planting Tree Event in France

Jan 2022
In a small town in the Seine-et-Marne department, a Farmer wants to improve the well-being of his poultry. With the support of ImpactXP, he planted over 500 trees and shrubs made up of local and diversified species. This planting will serve to promote biodiversity and restore agricultural landscapes.

Read more about the project

ImpactXP x MATW Project Providing Clean & Sanitised Water To Bangladesh

Feb 2022
#IMPACTors - we are so pleased with the outcome of one of our donations to Bangladesh through @MATWproject1 to provide clean & sanitised water. As promised here is a video of how YOU made an #IMPACT today. Join us on making a global impact 1 step at a time. #ImpactXP

Read more about the project
Our Story

Investor News

As you all know, we have recently gone through organizational restructuring when we evolved from Impact into ImpactX.
As we continue to evolve and move forward, we continue to keep the security of investor's funds a top priority, so that we all can help change the globe and address its environmental concerns.

Recently, we have applied to be listed on Saitamask and as a result we required a few changes in the contract. This meant that we had to yet again perform another Airdrop and evolve once more into IMPACTXP. (new address: 0xb12494c8824fc069757f47d177e666c571cd49ae ) so that the project would be compatible with given requirements of Saitamask itself.

We here at the ImpactXP team, truly value each and every one of you and our investors. We want to extend a very large thank you to all, for continuing to support our vision and we also want you all to know your funds are safe and secure.
We are also having the new contract deeply audited to prevent further incidents like this happening again. To convey Full transparency, we will keep all holders up to date on our social mediums. Thank you for keeping faith in our project in this very tough time.

We want to extend a massive thank you to Saitama LLC, as they have been extremely professional and supportive. We look forward to continuing this potential partnership and coexistence.

Celebrities join ImpactXP

Wanderlei Silva

World’s best Brazilian-American MMA
collaborates with ImpactXP
July 2022
We are proud to announce that Wanderlei Silva, the world’s best Brazilian-American Mixed Martial Artist, has decided to collaborate with us. Convinced that renewable energy will help heal the world, he decided to expose our vision for a more sustainable future to his 1.5 million followers on his social networks.

Check his Instagram

Ronnie Coleman

Ex-Champion Bodybuilder joins ImpactXP
July 2022
Ronnie Coleman, ex champion bodybuilder, has joined ImpactXP's vision for a more sustainable future. He decided to expose our vision through his socials where 5 million users will get to know about #ImpactXP

Check his Instagram

Members of our Revolution Network

TikToker Arkebi

1.4M followers on TikTok and 148K on Instagram
July 2022

The TikToker Arkebi, has joined our Revolution Network. With more than 1.4 million followers on TikTok and 148 thousand on Instagram, he has an average of 450,000 likes per video. He will be creating content for ImpactXP.

Check his Instagram

Check his TikTok

Michael Bachelor

3.5M followers on IG and TikTok
July 2022

#ImpactXP keeps building and getting more exposure 💪🏼
We are pleased to present the 2nd member of our revolution network, the influencer Michael Bachelor. He totals 3.5M followers on IG and TikTok. Here is his first video promoting ImpactXP 👇#Impactors

Check his TikTok

Frequently Asked Questions

  How old is this token ?
ImpactsXP was launched on 24th of November 2021
  Where and how to buy ImpactXP ?
- You can buy ImpactXP on Decentralised exchange Uniswap by using self-custody crypto wallets like Metamask or Coinbase wallet app
- You can also buy ImpactXP on Centralised Exchanges  
  What slippage do I use ?
When buying ImpactXP : Use slippage 3% to 10% and replace the last two digits of quantity of tokens by 99 (Example : 12 000 000 000 099)
When selling ImpactXP : Use slippage 15%
  Can I swap others tokens for ImpactXP ?
Yes on Uniswap. Choose any ERC20 token, and uniswap will route the swap
  Is the team doxxed ?
Yes the CE0 Jad Farah is fully doxxed, he has released a video on the website introducing himself
  Will Impactxp be listed on Saitamask ?
Yes, this is part of phase 2 on the roadmap. Plus, ImpactXP contract has been created to be compatible with Saitamask requirements
  Is there a whale tax ?
There is no whale tax but there is 10% tax on all sells transactions and 3% reflections goes to holders.
  What are reflections ?
There is a 3% tax on all transactions redistributed to holders, depending on their holdings percentage.
The more tokens you hold, the more reflections you get.
That's what we call Reflections that you earn for free and allows you to gain passive income.
  Is liquidity locked and for how long ?
Liquidity is locked for 5 years. You can check the transaction here : Locked liquidity on Team Finance
  What’s the utility case for Impactxp ?
ImpactXP Game (P2E), NFT's, Metaverse, Coin Listing Platform, Renewable Energy, Hydroponic Farming
  Is the contract renounced ?
Yes, contract has been renounced. You can check the transaction here : Renounce ownership transaction
  How to show my ImpactXP tokens on my wallet ?
In your wallet, add a new asset, and Copy and paste the address of ImpactXP : 0xb12494c8824fc069757f47d177e666c571cd49ae