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After the perseverance and resolve shown by the Impactors, our story resembles that of a phoenix, rising from the ashes of our previous rebirths.


Welcome to IXP (ImpactXPrime). We are a community driven platform that aims at empowering the rise of the Impactor, an individual who seeks to drive positive change in their world.
  • Revolutionizing the Cryptosphere : Mining Through Renewables
  • Bringing back the trust to investors via IMPACTOR MarketCap (IMC)
  • Integrating our Play 2 Earn (P2E) game into Metaverse in later stages
  • To be the leading token of the global shift into renewable energy
About us

Our Mission

Empower communities to rise up across the globe. Though the Impactor is the center, we believe that united as a Community, we can ignite change and overcome various obstacles we may face.
With the IMPACTXPRIME ecosystem (the token, Impactor MC, Mining Through Renewables and P2E game) our mission is to spark the birth of such communities and make an impact in the realm of finance, ecology and the blockchain, thus inspiring future Impactors.





Future proof growth

Multi-Growth Strategy

ImpactXPrime is designed to grow naturally and not just rely on holder growth alone.
By generating revenue which buys more $IXP, here are some of the ways ImpactXPrime rewards investors overtime and increases it’s value, naturally.

 Impactor MC

Projects listed on Impactor Market Cap will commit to a legal process involving IMC to prevent rugs and increase transparency.

Additionally, projects will have to purchase $IXP in order to complete the listing process.


Play to earn in our built from the ground up, space game.

Metaverse and NFT integration in the near future.

Mining through renewable energy

renewable energy mining revenue.

Revenue generated from solarpanel crypto mining and excess energy sold to local governments will be used to acquire more $IXP raising the price steadily overtime.



Please click on the link below to acces our first IXP Whitepaper Release. You will read futher details about our commitment to make an impact through various projects, from mining to investor security platforms and play to earn gaming.

Amazing Tokenomics to Boost Your Gains

Contract Address :

Total supply

1 billion


Buy 3 % | Sell 3 %


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Buy 1 % | Sell 2 %


Buy 1 % | Sell 1 %

Decentralised Exchange

You can buy ImpactXPrime
on Uniswap by using self-custody crypto wallets like Metamask or Coinbase wallet app with ETH.
Centralised Exchange

You can buy ImpactXPrime
directly on a centralised exchange like
Hotbit.io with nUSD.

Centralised Exchange

You can buy ImpactXPrime
directly on a centralised exchange like
BitForex.com with USDT.
Centralised Exchange

You can buy ImpactXPrime
directly on a centralised exchange like
Bkex.com with USDT.

Centralised Exchange

You can buy ImpactXPrime
directly on a centralised exchange like
Digifinex.com with USDT.
Centralised Exchange

You can buy ImpactXPrime
directly on a centralised exchange like
Lbank.info with USDT.

Decentralised Exchange

You can buy ImpactXPrime
on Voltichange by using self-custody crypto wallets like Metamask or Coinbase wallet app with ETH.
Join the ImpactXPrime Family

Become part of the success

Buy ImpactXPrime token and start earning passive income (reflections)


ImpactXPrime Roadmap

Phase 1

  • 5000+ Impactors
  • IXP V4 fair launch with Brewlabs
  • First White-paper release
  • CG, CMC listing + CEX V4 updated
  • Contract audit
  • Staking, Farming , Treasury

Phase 2

  • 10000+ Impactors
  • Small Exchange listings
  • lmpactor Market Caps (Team & Roadmap auditing)
  • P2E - V1

Phase 3

  • 20,000+ Impactors
  • Mining through Renewable Energy
  • Tier 2 Exchange listings NFTS, Metaverse Integration

Phase 4

  • 50,000+ Impactors
  • The Rise of ImpactXPrime Global Communities
  • Tier 1 Exchange listings
  • Investment in green start-ups and renewable energy

IXP Galaxy

Debuted at the Dubai crypto Expo 2022, IXP Galaxy is our official play to earn Phoenix space shooter.
Experience refined and iconically classic gameplay that has been rebuilt by a skilled team with the IXP's Phoenix theme

It's gonna be available on ANDROID and IOS

Impactor MarketCap


ImpactorMC ranking will help investors choose their projects wisely.
Projects will have to KYC, sign legal commitments and buy IXP tokens to be included on the ranking list.


On top of the various leaps and bounds in investor security ImpactorMC offers , experience seemless utility features.
Connect your wallet to see your total reflections, Or rate and review projects.
It's a platform for everyone .

Core Team Members

The Prime Impactors

Jad Farah

Learn more about Jad Farah by watching the Fully Doxxed video bellow

Fully Doxxed

Learn more about Jad Farah


Social Media Manager
My name is Julienne also known as Karata on social media and I currently live in France. I’m proud to be a member of the ImpactXPrime core Team. I am in charge of updating the ImpactXPrime website and creating content for our socials.


Listing manager
My name is Firas.
I am the Listing manager of ImpactXPrime.


My name is Mohammad.
I am the Designer of ImpactXPrime.
Help the planet

 Making a global Impact

MATW & ImpactXPrime: Water Wells In Tsevie, Togo.

April 2022
Thank you @MATWProject1 for helping us provide clean & sanitised water to the people in Tsevie, Togo. Join us in our mission to make an impact on the world. One village at a time.

Read more about MATW Project

ImpactXPrime works with "One Tree Planted"

Jan 2022
To make a global change on our home planet. IMPACTors will make an impact one step at a time. Our trees are vital to our planet, it is shelter and food for our animals, trees provide us oxygen and shade. We must make a change.

Donate to help plant trees around the world

ImpactXPrime Planting Tree Event in France

Jan 2022
In a small town in the Seine-et-Marne department, a Farmer wants to improve the well-being of his poultry. With the support of ImpactXPrime, he planted over 500 trees and shrubs made up of local and diversified species. This planting will serve to promote biodiversity and restore agricultural landscapes.

Read more about the project

ImpactXPrime x MATW Project Providing Clean & Sanitised Water To Bangladesh

Feb 2022
#IMPACTors - we are so pleased with the outcome of one of our donations to Bangladesh through @MATWproject1 to provide clean & sanitised water. As promised here is a video of how YOU made an #IMPACT today. Join us on making a global impact 1 step at a time. #ImpactXPrime

Read more about the project
The birth of the Pheonix

Our Story

As you all know, we have recently gone through organizational restructuring when we evolved from Impact (v1) into ImpactXPrime (v4).
As we continue to evolve and move forward, we continue to keep the security of investor's funds a top priority, so that we all can help change the globe and address its environmental concerns.

We here at the ImpactXPrime team, truly value each and every one of you and our investors. We want to extend a very large thank you to all, for continuing to support our vision and we also want you all to know your funds are safe and secure.
To convey Full transparency, we will keep all holders up to date on our social mediums. Thank you for keeping faith in our project in this very tough time.

We want to extend a massive thank you to BrewLabs, as they have been extremely professional and supportive during the migration process. We look forward to continuing this potential partnership and coexistence.
Migration to V4

Migrating in progress

Use the migration tool to migrate your V3 tokens to new V4 tokens :


Follow the steps by watching our tutorial video
For any help. Please join us at our socials medias.