Key Worker Benefits

It’s true that you can get fit for less at British Military Fitness. If you work in one of the public sector key worker roles outlined then you can benefit from a discounted membership rate.

Interested? Then here’s what to do

  • School Teacher
  • Further education/sixth form college lecturer
  • Nursery Nurse (at local authority nursery schools only)
  • Educational psychologists
Environmental Health Officers/Practitioners
  • Qualified Environmental Health Officers/Practitioners who work in a local authority, government agency, NHS or other public sector agency Firefighters
  • Uniformed fire staff
  • Rescue staff below principal level
Local Authority
  • Social workers
  • Occupational therapists
  • Speech and language therapists
  • Rehabilitation officers for the visually impaired
  • Planners employed by the Local Planning Authority delivering statutory planning services
  • Connexions Personal Advisors provided that a local authority or a Connexions Partnership employs them. (Connexions Personal Advisors employed by private or voluntary sector organisations are not eligible)
Ministry Of Defence
  • Regular Service Personnel including the Military Provost Guard Service in the Navy, Army and Air Force
  • Clinical staff (with the exception of doctors and dentists)
  • MOD Police Officers
  • Uniformed staff in the Defence Fire Service
National Health Service
  • All clinical staff employed by the NHS except doctors and dentists
  • Police officers and community support officers including those working for the British Transport Police or the Civil Nuclear Constabulary (CNC) in certain areas
  • Front line civilian police employees
Prison Service
  • Prison officers
  • Operational support staff
  • Nursing staff
  • Industrial staff
  • Instructional officers
Probation Service
  • Probation officers
  • Senior probation officers
  • Probation service officers
  • Trainee probation officers
Highways Agency Traffic Officer Service
  • Supervisor (on road and off road)
  • Traffic Officer
  • RCC Operator
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