Pricing & Membership Options

How to become a BMF member

Membership prices and benefits

If you've had your free trial and have decided to join us, we have a selection of membership options to suit you.

Unlimited and 1 session per week packages are offered on a 6 month contract and 3 month contract, as well as a monthly contract (no minimum contract).



From £32 per month (equivalent to £2.67 per class*)


From £27 per month (equivalent to £5.40 per class)


From £110 for 10 sessions

Access to all 140+ BMF parks

No need to book/reserve place in class

Water is provided as well as storage for valuables

Expert military trained instructors

Professional fitness and nutrition advice

Exclusive access to partner offers

Legendary park socials and events


Professional fitness and nutrition advice


Access to unlimited number of sessions


*Price based on 3 sessions per week in a 4 week month

16-20 years/Student/60+ years unlimited membership (no minimum contract) - £26 monthly

Membership prices vary across the UK. Please check your closest venue for prices.

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If you would like to join our ranks, you can do so through any of the following methods:

Why choose BMF?

Serious fun for everyone

Classes are varied, challenging and fun with a high degree of interaction and are tailored to all fitness levels.

UK’s biggest and best-loved 

With over 15 years of experience, we're changing lives daily at over 130 venues around the UK.

Get fitter, faster and stronger 

Our industry-leading, military trained instructors are experts at motivating individuals to become their best with exercises to improve speed, stamina, strength and endurance.

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