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bmf christmas timetable

Christmas Timetable 2017

We have no doubt that many of you are already getting excited for the festive period. With that in mind, we wanted to update you on our Christmas timetables and when your classes will be running. The table below shows when ALL CLASSES nationwide will be cancelled or changed. This is to give our extremely hard working…

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BMF Myth Busters: 5 things beginners are scared of

As with everything new and unknown, the thought of turning up to your first British Military Fitness (BMF) class can be a daunting prospect. But let us reassure you that a) you’re not alone in being a little nervous and b) for the most part, these nerves are unjust.  All beginners will be absolutely fine…

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Combining massage & exercise

We’ve all had the importance of stretching drilled into us by our instructor, but did you know massages are a great way to help with your training regime too? The team at Urban Massage have given us some pointers on how getting regular treatment can boost your workout results, as well as help with recovery.…

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10 things only a true BMF’er would understand

You know you’re a true BMFer when: 1…you know you’ll only stop to recover when the class finishes “Everyone into the plank position to recover” “I want to see everyone doing spotty dogs while you get your breath back” 2…your instructor asks you to get into ranks or files and then starts counting, “5…4….3…2…” 3…you…

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Weight Loss

Weight loss rather than weight training

Paul Beard’s weight had crept up to just over 20 stone by the time he reached his 40s. He decided to do something about it when a friend, who was the same age as him, had a stroke. They joined a slimming club together and Paul lost almost four stone. Then he decided that as well…

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Mark and Jodie with their medals


An Ironman is a testing triathlon encompassing a 2.4 mile swim, 112 mile bike race and a 26.2 mile marathon – with strict rules on completing it unaided. Mark and Jodie Reynolds were just two of the BMF members and instructors who completed Ironman UK in Bolton on 17th July this year. But, as far…

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Verna and crew in the park; Joey in Guildford

Why BMF is something for everyone!

Meet two very different BMF members from opposite ends of the country with very different reasons for enjoying their outdoor fitness classes with us! Verna Everett from Manchester is a retired nurse who has always done plenty of running. She goes to BMF because she feels miserable if she doesn’t! Meanwhile, hairdresser Joey Galvin always…

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Caffeine in exercise – is it worthwhile?

David Hellard, from the British Military Fitness Race team and is a seasoned marathon runner. He recently launched a new concentrated caffeine sports sweet called Caffeine Bullet. Here David discusses the benefits of using caffeine in exercise.  “It’s nearly ten years since I started running and it seems as long since I ran a personal best. Once…

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10 Traits of a True BMF Member

We visited three BMF parks last week… …and one common bit of BMF member feedback was that the class has become like their “second family.” We bond by sharing unique, challenging and – often – hilarious experiences! For instance:   You gain perspective – and a load of new mates While the agony is real…

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Six Top Tips for Sticking with it!

Have you just signed up to Walkfit or set yourself a new challenge? Maybe you’ve announced it on social media too or joined a weight loss group. Often, a few days after you’ve begun your new regime, real life starts to get in the way. There’s a reality check in the shape of a tempting…

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