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BMF Roddy’s Story | #BeBMF

When British Military Fitness member Roddy was diagnosed with throat cancer he took to BM to get himself fighting fit, ready to face the radiotherapy. It’s just under a year since he finished his treatment and he’s already back at BMF and taken gold in his first motorcycle road race since becoming ill. Here’s his inspirational story:…

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BMF: Jane’s Story #BeBMF

After several months of procrastinating, Jane finally gave British Military Fitness (BMF) a try. Eight months on and she’s a fully-fledged member and hasn’t looked back. We find out more about her BMF experience: BMF: What made you decide to join BMF, and how did you find the first class? I hadn’t heard of BMF until…

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BMF: Anna’s Story #BeBMF

Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro is something that had been on High School Teacher Anna’s bucket list for years. With the help of British Military Fitness (BMF), Anna gained the training and confidence she needed to make that dream a reality. So how did she use BMF to ensure she was ready to tackle the biggest challenge…

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Natasha Fanshawe joined BMF six years ago and loved it as it was the first fitness programme she had found that kept her coming back for more than just a month or two. Now she runs ultra-marathons – something she said wouldn’t have been possible without BMF giving her a kick-start. Here she tells her…

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5 reasons we should get outside more.

Believe it or not, there is a huge difference between whether you choose to exercise indoors versus outdoors. When you decide to go to a gym, studio, run, walk, outdoor fitness class, you’re controlling external factors – what you’re seeing, hearing, experiencing. This can increase or reduce our stress and impact not only your mood…

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9 running tips to help prevent injury

We all know that injury prevention is better than cure, so follow my top running tips to staying injury free this year and enjoy getting fit with BMF Run Clubs. 1. Comfort First So, first running tip, over recent years, the advocates of barefoot and minimalist running have suggested we opt for stripped-down minimalist shoes…

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3 reasons you’re not losing weight yet

Starting a new fitness and nutrition program is pretty exciting. In January a common goal we see is “weight loss”, or more accurately, fat loss. When we start out we are already envisioning the end product in some way or another. We are supposed to enjoy the process, perhaps challenging ourselves to do it – but…

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