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Sian Slides to the finish line

The Story Behind The Smile!

When BMF was looking for an image that captured the spirit of its new Amphibious Assault course, this photo fitted the bill straight away. So we tracked down the participant, pictured at the Major Series event in the Midlands, to investigate the story behind it: Student Sian Summers is the smiling slider in this photograph…

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Catherine, being filmed in the park for Sport England

Catherine’s 15 Minutes of BMFing Fame!

Catherine Aickin, now 67, joined BMF in July 2009 and has been attending classes at Victoria Park in London ever since. When Sport England contacted us to ask if they could film at a BMF class for their #ThisGirlCan campaign in February, Catherine found herself front and centre! Then she was interviewed on radio and…

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Melissa Knight - BMF Peckham Rye

Five things Melissa learnt from BMF

Melissa Knight was a BMF Beginner in September 2016. Now she’s lost body fat, gained muscle and made friends with the mud! Here are five things she’s learned since joining us in the park:  1. Anyone can do it When I tell people I do British Military Fitness every Sunday at Peckham Rye, come rain…

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Top tips on Cardio exercise for beginners

Thinking of getting into better shape? Or maybe just feel you could be healthier? Whatever your reason, when you first open the door to the fitness world you might be overwhelmed by everything out there. With thousands of posts clogging up the internet promising their schemes will get you fit quickly, it can be hard to…

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