“Dealing with extreme autism is beyond tough, but BMF is the very best money we have ever spent and will continue to spend”

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Dear British Military Fitness,

I’ve written a sort of BMF ‘testimonial’.  I don’t expect you to use it, it was really just a way for Puff and I to explain just how important your work has been to us as a whole family. We will never be able to thank you enough.

So I’ve been debating telling our story for a while but I think if just one person reads it and it makes them try BMF then it’ll be worth it.

My husband and I have three boys aged 6, 4 and 2. That alone would be fairly tough with us both working full time, but two of our boys can’t talk, will be in nappies the rest of their lives and will always need support and assistance from carers – whether that’s us or the amazing people who help children and adults like our boys. It’s the extreme side of autism and it’s an hourly battle. We are still waiting to find out if the baby is the same.

Life is beyond tough.

We get very little sleep, we struggle to understand our boys wants and needs and we have to cope with their frustrations, which manifest themselves in meltdowns and very challenging behaviours. We have had to come to terms with the loss of what we thought our boys lives would have been like, the most current of which is their lack of understanding of Christmas – no excitement, no wonder, no letters to Santa wishing for dream toys.

They are just in their bubbles. It’s heartbreaking every day.

But back to the point….we had no time together, no time of our own and we were getting fatter and more unhealthy by the minute. So we decided, thanks to my best friends recommendation, to join British Military Fitness and do the Monday and Wednesday night classes together and my husband would do Thursday morning and I’d do Saturday morning. To get our boys looked after for these times costs us a small fortune and it is the very best money we have ever spent and will continue to spend.


BMF isn’t just about getting fit and healthy. It’s about meeting people, taking on challenges, pushing yourself harder than you ever thought was possible and being part of a community who encourage you, help you to grow and support you to become the best you can be. It’s also about taking time out to remember who you are and what you are capable of.

A friend recently asked me if it was ‘the thing where you run around the park and scary military men shout at you?’ I had to say yes, but they aren’t too scary, in fact they make you want to work harder, push further and do more.

Everyone’s circumstances are different but we all experience difficult times. BMF won’t work for everyone the way it has worked for us but it might. We will never be able to thank Charlie, Stuart and the rest of the team enough for what they have done for us. Who knows, maybe one day, in just a few years, I might even follow my husband to the reds!

Please don’t feel you have to do anything with this letter, just so long as you and your team know what a difference you are making.

Jenny xx

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