“What on earth was I thinking, I’m forty eight years old and I am diabetic…am I mad?”

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Hello there BMF folk!

I first attended British Military Fitness in Worcester on a cold, dark and damp night this time last year and within ten minutes of starting, I remember very clearly how I hated every minute and berated myself for being so ridiculous as to think this was ever going to be fun.

As the session progressed, these feelings became ever more entrenched. I absolutely hated it. I was so far outside my comfort zone. Anyway, I told myself: “Just get through it. Just get through the session, don’t give up!” So I didn’t, but I was thinking: “Never again! Never am I ever going to put myself through this. What on earth was I thinking, I’m forty eight years old and I am diabetic…am I mad?”

As the session came to a close and we were stretching, I started to think, “well at least I got through it!” As I was getting near the van, I remember instructor David McDowell asking if I’d enjoyed the session. All I answered was, “it was tough”. I remember thinking, “yes, but I got through it”. Dave spent some time going over the membership criteria and as he did so I knew I had to come again. I knew that I wanted to do something to meet new people, get off the sofa and out of the pub, get healthier and feel better about myself.


I took the plunge and signed up for an unlimited membership for six months as a birthday present to myself, knowing full well that if I’d signed up for less, it would have been too easy to quit, but with six months, I would make sure I go my monies worth.


So here we are, twelve months on, and I am healthier, I am fitter, I am stronger, and I have made a whole bunch of new friends both from Worcester and other parks – in fact, a bunch of us are going out for a meal tonight to celebrate my birthday.


I’ve had immense fun, completed two major series, a half marathon, attended the regional party (which, by the way, was fantastic), won prizes, awards and competitions, so I am very much looking forward to what the next year brings. My present to myself this year is not so sadistic (!), but it will inevitably be something to do with sports gear…maybe something from the BMF shop…


And last but not least, six years ago I was diagnosed as a type 2 diabetic, but I have just had a review and I am no longer diabetic; I’ve beaten it! No more tablets are required, I just have to keep doing what I’m doing and I’m cured!

BMF has played a massive part in helping me achieve this, so I’d like to thank David McDowell, Daniel Cooper, Melanie Hinds, and Theo Mbay and all the other guys that have trained us this year and who have worked with and encouraged us all to push that little bit further, that little bit harder and supported every one of us. Thanks also to British Military Fitness as a whole for bringing us all together, for supporting the British Legion and providing so many of our ex services guys with career opportunities.


Take care all, have a wonderful Christmas and let’s hope 2017 brings us all the prosperity and peace we could wish for.


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