BMF Beginner, Karin, sings the praises of her new fitness regime

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Karin has been a BMF member since late September. We wanted to find out how she’s getting on…

How did you first hear about British Military Fitness (BMF)?
I’d not heard of BMF until a friend tagged me on Facebook about one of the beginner sessions. I went for a free trial on the Saturday, really liked it and joined straight away!

What appealed to you about BMF?
I wanted to get fit and lose weight, and I love being outdoors, so I wanted something that would be fun exercise whilst being outside. All the BMF members have fun here, but at the same time they work very hard. I find these classes challenging but I love them because I push my body beyond my comfort zone every time. I also love the team exercises and the fact that I’m surrounded by a variety of fitness levels, which gives me motivation to improve, especially during the harder sessions. Everyone is so nice and encouraging, which makes such a difference if I’m struggling. My aim later in the year is to move to a red bib (intermediate level) but for now I’m just focusing on progressing up the blue bibs (beginner level) to a high blue. The other thing is that even though we are working out individually, it feels like we are in the same team, and the teamwork is something I really love about BMF.


Were you fit before BMF?
No, before BMF my fitness was really poor. Three years ago I was a member of a gym and did some fitness classes but after a while I gave up as I got bored and felt it wasn’t working for me. Since then I’ve not done any fitness so BMF is the first thing I’ve done in a long time. The beginner sessions were helpful as I joined alongside other people who were in the same position as me.

How was your beginner BMF session?
It was one of the hardest day I’ve had in many years! After the session I was really exhausted but it made me realise I had to improve my fitness, and that I’d found the perfect solution.

How do you feel now that you’ve been with BMF for a few months?
Health wise I feel better, but I still feel there’s more to do. This motivates me to continue to improve.

How would you describe BMF in three words?
Fun, challenging, teamwork.

What’s your favourite thing about BMF?
Hard work! Yesterday’s session with Steve was very difficult for me, but after the session I felt really good because I knew I had given it everything in that hour. It’s so rewarding! And its wonderful to feel part of a team, to have so many athletes to look up to. I could never find this in a gym.

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