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  • Sheffield mum-of-three sets out to run London Marathon
  • Raising money for Crimestoppers UK
  • Target of raising £1,500

Never in a million years did Carol Speight, 39, dream that she would be signing herself up for the London Marathon but, after losing nearly four stone with British Military Fitness (BMF), she is proudly doing just that.

April 2017 will see Carol donning a pair of running shoes, a fantastic lycra ensemble and hitting the streets of London in a race to raise at least her £1,500 target for crime fighting charity, Crimestoppers UK.


Carol joined British Military Fitness in May 2014 when her friend recommended the outdoor fitness class. On signing up to the Sheffield group, at her heaviest weight, she was just over 14 stone, but after hard work and determination now weighs just 10 stone 4lb and is dress size 10/12. Carol will be continuing her personal success with BMF by her side.

Carol said: “When my friend first recommended our local British Military Fitness class, I laughed. But I can hand on heart say it’s one of the best decisions I have ever made. It’s nothing like what I expected – we aren’t shouted at or made to crawl through mud. It’s amazing that I can go along and be part of a group, knowing that it’s also doing great things for my body.

“I’m so happy and proud with my achievement as it’s been one huge personal goal, but I am ready for my next challenge – and a challenge it will be.  

“Roll on April 2017! I’ll be spending my every spare minute from now on training for the London Marathon and I’m really looking forward to it.”


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