“Was it a mid life crisis? Maybe. This was it. I had to do something.”

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After a bit of a mid-life crisis, Simon realised something had to be done about his weight in order to enjoy life with his four children. With the gym not working out for him, he joined British Military Fitness (BMF) in 2016 and has seen his fitness and lifespan vastly improve. Here’s what Simon told us:


“For too many years I hadn’t exercised. I’d indulged to the full in high sugar, high carbohydrate foods, not to mention the love of all things alcoholic.  I got stuck in my ways where a glass of wine or beer (or several) became the norm; a crutch each evening to dissolve the stresses of the day that seem to be present in most peoples modern living once caught in the rat race, just trying to get ahead in life.

I told myself that gaining weight was normal as I got older.  But then it struck me – I was 49 and the big 5-0 was less than a year away. Me…50!   Too many times I’d reminisced with friends on good old times, but realised many of those trips were in my early 30’s – nearly 20 years ago and yet it seemed like yesterday.  Time had gone so quickly, and adding that same age again to my current age I’d be pushing 70…where was my life going?! It was time to take action.

Was it a mid life crisis? Maybe. But I am incredibly lucky to have four lovely children and certainly wanted to continue an active, healthy life for a long long time. I was aware of the higher risk of diabetes and some cancers that could be linked to waistband size and knew the fitter I was, the more positive influence it would have on my life span. This was it. I had to do something.

I joined British Military Fitness (BMF) in August 2016.  I’d been a member of a local gym but failed to go (3 times in 12 months) as it was uninspiring and boring.  The BMF group training really works for me – there’s something about being outside in the elements and being pushed to your limits by the BMF instructor.  I absolutely love it and that’s half the battle! I learnt a long time ago at work about team bonding; when you’re all in the same struggle together – you get that at BMF. When I started, I was trailing last place quite often in the blue team, I’ve now progressed to the red team and have the full support of not just the instructors but the other members too. We’re all in it together!



Eating the right foods goes hand in hand with the training and, the thing is, when you see results, you don’t want to go backwards. I’ve not been hungry yet in the last 4 months.  I took pictures and measurement in August and each month thereafter.  I’ve lost 1.5 stone, but more importantly, gained muscle.  The pictures tell a much greater story than the scales.  All my old clothes fit me again as my body shape has changed. My fitness has vastly improved which mentally gives you a massive buzz and fuels the drive to get to the next session.   I’m certainly meeting my goals, for sure this is for the long term and I feel 100% better about myself, thanks to BMF!”




Join Simon with BMF beginner sessions at britishmilitaryfitness.com


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