Dear Wonderful BMF! After 12 years, I just wanted to say ‘Thank You’

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Dear wonderful BMF! This year marks my 12 years membership with you!!

I just wanted to say ‘Thank You’ for being there for me; I started BMF as part of a new life when I opened Esca Deli, Clapham in 2004 with my family. BMF was there for me, to find an outlet for an overwhelming task for a young woman and build the confidence in my athletic endurance ability which I knew I had but had no evidence for!! (I remember Vic standing over my head when I was too out of breathe to get up, saying, “Are you alright love?!” having attempted red as my first class). Off the back of the fitness that BMF gave me, I participated in the Borneo race in 2009 to mark my 30th b-day with Crispin leading, Kinabalu was the first mountain that I stumbled upon and led to Kilimanjaro in 2010 with Sandy.

Charmaine in Tanzania after Kilimanjaro

Charmaine in Tanzania after Kilimanjaro

Outside of BMF I broke a world record for worlds highest gig in 2012 in Mera Peak Everest range 6650 meters.


Last year I competed in the racing the planet Ecuador way of the volcanoes completing a 250km self supported foot race in the Inca trails in altitude and despite not training heavily I still came 88th out of 150 competitors (and spent tonnes of time gasping at the extraordinary views) simply with the structure that BMF have provided me.


I have now travelled a huge part of the world and have confidence in my body to take me wherever I wish, this is a gift that I cherish.  I just wanted to make the point to members that, access to amazing adventures are available to all who have a bright positive perspective; there are no limits except those that we impose on ourselves, our external environment is the outcome of our internal point of view.

There are so many of your team that I would like to send my love and thanks to that have really inspired me over the years when I was building my confidence and just adored these wonderful instructors/leaders.

Vic / Carlos / Neil / Vincent / James P / Simon / Ian / Will / Christian / Logan / Jeremy / woody /Tom / Crispin and Sandy

Charmaine xx


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