Finding it hard to stick to the gym? Deborah realised there ARE other options!

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Deborah, a speech and language therapist from Coventry, started with British Military Fitness (BMF) six months ago, due to a combination of recommendations and moving to a new place. She’s loving seeing the positive results while having fun – even in the freezing cold weather!

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Why did you decide to try British Military Fitness?

I’d done other exercise before (gym, swimming, running) but had never managed to stick to them, mainly because I would get bored. I enjoyed running but only if I could listen to my iPod. I only liked the gym machines if I could watch one of the TVs. Trying to push myself to swim or run further just meant more time, and more boredom.

I knew people who’d done BMF in the past, but I had never considered it! When I moved and was new to the area, I was thinking about what fitness I could do. I thought, I could join a gym, but I probably won’t go. It was also a bit hilly for running where I live. So I thought I’d try BMF.


Why have you kept coming back? What do you love about BMF?

BMF is totally different to the gym: every session with people to chat to and lots of motivation – I’m sure the variety is why I have stuck to it.

I went on Monday and Tuesday this week and sessions were totally different. This is common, particularly as you don’t always have the same instructor. Last night we had a mixed group of blue (beginner), red (intermediate) and green (advanced) bibs… so, having been told before I could move up to red, I have quietly tried some of the red exercises!

I like that you don’t have to worry about existing fitness levels. Coventry offers a low impact session at our park (for people who really don’t want to do running) and so there really is something for everyone at any stage.

Although Coventry may be an exception, it seems like such a good laugh and you don’t have to take it too seriously! We laugh at every session – even if it’s just about how wet or cold you are. Recently everyone was holding a squat and we all got told to smile. Everyone burst out laughing.

What have the outcomes been for you?
I’m definitely stronger and fitter… I can feel that in everyday life. If I’m rushing somewhere and need to run a bit – I can do it! It’s noticeable. It’s made me realise, finally, that I don’t actually enjoy the gym – it’s such a soulless and sterile environment. But there ARE other options, such as BMF!


What are the challenges?
I was worried about going out in the cold weather, having started in June… last night was a properly cold, frost-on-the-ground session. It’s harder to get out the house maybe, but you feel great when you do. I work full time and have children, but with a bit of planning I am making time to fit it in. It’s worth it!


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