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Birkenhead mother gets family she always dreamed of after losing weight through BMF

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February 1, 2018

When Jessica Neil was told by her doctors that she needed to reduce her BMI in order to start fertility treatment, she wasn’t sure where to turn. Having struggled with her weight since the age of 13, the 24 year old felt she had tried everything to shift the pounds. When her parents spotted British Military Fitness (BMF) classes taking place in their local park in Birkenhead in August 2015, Jessica decided to give it a go as a last ditch attempt to lose enough weight to start IVF treatment. Five months later and nearly three stone lighter, Jessica was shocked to discover she had conceived naturally. She gave birth to a healthy baby boy, Frankie, and credits BMF for changing her approach to diet and fitness, as well as giving her and husband Liam the family they always dreamed of.

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Jessica, an admin assistant who lives in Birkenhead, commented: “I have struggled with my weight for as long as I remember and had tried every health and fitness fad going. From shake diets to personal trainers, nothing ever worked and after losing a couple of pounds I’d struggle to stick to my new plan and always ended up piling the weight back on after a few weeks.”

“After getting married in 2013, Liam and I decided to start trying for a baby but we struggled to conceive. I went to the doctors who told me that my weight could be partly to blame, which was really difficult to hear. They told me that to be considered for fertility treatment my BMI had to be under 30 so once again I tried all the usual ways of losing weight, but nothing seemed to work. I was at the end of my tether.”

It was in August 2015, that parents Linda and John spotted British Military Fitness classes taking place at Jessica’s local park in Birkenhead and suggested she give them a go. Jessica continued: “Nothing else worked so I thought I’d give it a go - your first session at BMF is free so I really had nothing to lose! When I arrived at my first class I was nervous but the group were really friendly and immediately put me at ease. The session was tough but exactly what I needed. Before BMF I struggled to find motivation when exercising, but the whole group was like one big family and supported each other to do their best and to keep going through the tougher moments. After my first session I was hooked!”

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Jessica started attending classes three times a week, and even started running outside of the classes, something she had never done before. She continued: “It was like my whole attitude to food and exercise changed when I started going to BMF. I bought a Fitbit and took part in weekly fitness challenges with the rest of my BMF group.  Exercise became something I looked forward to, and even when motivation was low my instructor, Kevin, gave me support and reminded me what I was there for. The weight started falling off without me even realising it – the classes were so fun and challenging that it never felt like a chore and Liam and I completely changed our attitude to food. Before I knew it I had lost nearly three stone.”

In January 2016, Jessica was shocked to discover she was pregnant having conceived naturally – something she never thought would be possible. She continued: “Liam and I were shocked but delighted when we discovered I was pregnant as by that point we had all but given up on conceiving naturally. When I attended my first class two years ago I had no idea that going to British Military Fitness would have such an impact on my life, but it did. I have a whole new approach to life and my health and fitness is now a priority to me. I'm now back at BMF and can’t wait to be an active mum.”

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“I want to thank the other members at BMF Birkenhead and the instructors, as without their support I don’t think I would be where I am now. Not only am I fitter and healthier than I have ever been in my life, but the classes have given my husband and I the family we have always wanted. I would definitely recommend anyone who wants to change their approach to fitness to give British Military Fitness a go – you won’t regret it.”

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