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BMF: Jane's Story #BeBMF

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February 1, 2018

After several months of procrastinating, Jane finally gave British Military Fitness (BMF) a try. Eight months on and she's a fully-fledged member and hasn't looked back. We find out more about her BMF experience:

BMF: What made you decide to join BMF, and how did you find the first class?

I hadn't heard of BMF until my friend Rachel got involved. She's super fit but we'd often gone running together and she kept saying I'd love it. I was quite apprehensive about how tough it would be and was unsure what to expect, but after going along with Rach to a session I realised how friendly everyone was and we all had a laugh together. I really enjoyed that first session, and there were other people who were also trying out for the first time. I worked hard and was aching for a couple of days but went back at the weekend and signed up.


BMF: What motivates you to continue going to BMF?

My fitness has definitely improved and consequently my motivation to work out is much higher. Knowing there are people who are going to be there too and we're all going to work out together really helps, especially when it's cold or rainy as even if I've had a long day I know there are other people going too and if we get wet we'll all get wet together!


I also think it helps to know it's only an hour but you don't count the minutes (I often barely notice the time go by) as you're distracted by the full and varied workout as no session is ever the same.

This year I did the Race for Life Pretty Muddy obstacle course. It's something I've wanted to do for a while but I didn't have the confidence in my all-round fitness, which would be challenged by the obstacles. Knowing that I now regularly work out my arms and have improved my core strength, which I've never committed to doing in the past, enabled me to tackle to obstacles with confidence.


I have now signed up to do the Major Series along with a team of others from our BMF group. I'm looking forward to the challenge with the whole team.


BMF: What would you say to anyone thinking about joining BMF?

Whether you are super into fitness or you have never worked out before there is such a range of ability at BMF  you won't feel out of place. The instructors will always modify exercises for you if you can't manage one or are injured. Everyone is there having fun and encouraging each other that you'll have such a laugh during the session the time will fly by!


BMF: How does BMF help you in your job?

I work long days where I am tied to being in school, using computers and with the kids. BMF gives me an hour of adult conversation and fun where I don't have to be in charge and can have a laugh! Being away from computers, phones and even a watch is very freeing and allows me to enjoy the fresh air and session! These sessions offer a bit of an outlet for stress and something I look forward to each week as a way to relax me after a long day at work!


BMF: What is it you love about BMF the most?

The feeling I get after every session - it's always a good work out and I feel like I've accomplished so much. I really love the disconnect from the rest of the world as you spend an hour running round a park with a group of friends, we always have a laugh and often feel ridiculous doing some of the exercises or playing some of the games but it's always fun! I've met so many people through BMF and it's great to have such a lovely group of friends to have breakfast with after a weekend morning session or drinks, last years Christmas party was brilliant fun!


BMF: Is a BMF day different to a non-BMF day?

I spend a lot of my evenings and weekends socialising with friends whether it's dinner, cinema, drinks or going away for the weekend, because I am so busy I try to make sure I can fit in a couple of BMF sessions a week. Once I've planned the week I can make sure that I'm taking meals to work that are going to see me through a session in the evening as I don't get to eat after work. I particularly like to BMF in the morning before a night out to ease some of the guilt!


I'm spending most of the summer at festivals so knowing that I've worked out a couple of times in the week means that I make the most of my weeks and weekends.


To find out more about British Military Fitness, please visit: or simply join us for a free trial class.

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