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Find Love at British Military Fitness

For James and Heather, British Military Fitness (BMF) is a massive part of their lives – not least because it sparked the start of a very happy relationship. Now married, the pair had different reasons for signing up to BMF… but both consider the social element to be crucial. Despite attending the gym and doing…

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“BMF is good for pain control”, says Lupus sufferer, Lynne

Lynne started going to BMF classes ten years ago, before she was diagnosed with Lupus. When a new BMF park opened at Fisherrow Links in Musselburgh in July 2015, she decided to go along and see if outdoor exercise classes could help her manage her condition. “I really enjoyed doing British Military Fitness before, and…

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At BMF I “lose weight, make mates!”, says Gemma

Gemma joined British Military Fitness (BMF) just 4 months ago, and hasn’t looked back. We caught up with her to find out how she’s getting on… When did you join BMF, and what was your motivation? I joined back in September. I had seen BMF pop up on Facebook a few times and was looking for a…

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Find out how BMF helped Leanne to manage her anxiety

After having a nervous breakdown at the age of 28, Leanne Willoughby from York was looking at exercise as a way to combat her problems with anxiety and depression. Finding the gym repetitive and boring, Leanne decided to join British Military Fitness this summer. “I found the gym so draining – it’s just the same…

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Find out how Gwenne overcame anxiety through fitness

We spoke to lecturer and BMF member Gwenne about the health and social benefits of the BMF sessions she attends in Fisherrow, Scotland – and how she overcame her anxieties about doing exercise in a group… What was your lifestyle like before joining BMF? I have always been overweight and lacked confidence in doing physical…

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Want to lose weight and improve your park run time like Adam?

Adam has progressed through the ‘ranks’ of British Military Fitness (BMF), becoming a keen advocate for the sessions he enjoys at Southampton park. Here, he tells us why he decided to join, and how BMF has helped him lose weight, gain agility, improve his fitness levels and build a fantastic network of friends. What made…

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