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Kiko’s Atlantic Rowing Challenge

If you partnered Kiko Matthews during a BMF class, you’d find that she’s one of those positive, spirited individuals who’d encourage you all the way and make the time pass quickly with her cheeky comments! Read on to see a film of her training for a huge challenge and find out how you can support…

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Walkfit Should Be On Prescription

A former nursing manager from Birmingham, who has lost three stone through a slimming club, is aiming to lose another two after joining BMF’s Walkfit classes at Sutton Park. Caroline Stoddart, 56, took early retirement after a long, challenging and sometimes stressful career in the NHS. For the last 10 years, the job involved a…

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Taxi Driver’s Weight Loss Journey

Andrew Gearing from Stevenage in Hertfordshire was a sedentary taxi driver and a smoker who had done very little physical activity since he was in his 20s. Now he’s lost more than three stone since joining British Military Fitness in January 2016. So, how did he do it? Andrew was looking for a fitness class…

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The Ultimate Challenge

Tara Papworth has been a member of BMF Cheltenham for two years. She joined when she first moved to the town as a way of meeting people and keeping up her fitness levels. Now she’s training for a huge, hot, ultra marathon – despite not being a fan of the sand or the heat! Here, she…

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Following in her Father’s Footsteps

To mark Father’s Day, Melissa Higham from Manchester tells us how special it is for her to be able to take part in BMF classes alongside her dad Gary. They’be been part of the BMF family for two years and are both now green bibs. “It was my mum who first dragged my dad down…

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Carl Baker has been a BMF Instructor since May 2002. That’s 15 years during which he has taken precisely 4,127 classes. That means he’s dished out 41,000 press ups, sit ups and burpees at the very least! So he’s responsible for creating a fair few six packs and extra pounds of muscle around London during that…

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Natasha Fanshawe joined BMF six years ago and loved it as it was the first fitness programme she had found that kept her coming back for more than just a month or two. Now she runs ultra-marathons – something she said wouldn’t have been possible without BMF giving her a kick-start. Here she tells her…

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Five Fitness Finds

We’ve been scouring publications and posts for the most informative features and motivating morsels on health and fitness out there. Here’s this month’s selection: If you struggle to stay the course – and we all do at times – this piece on Precision Nutrition is all about the military mindset of quitting tomorrow. Not now,…

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15 BMF Characters. Which One are You?!

All our BMF members are unique individuals and we don’t like to generalise. That’s what makes park life so sociable and interesting. It’s also why we provide adapted exercises and routines when necessary. We wouldn’t want it any other way. But are there some BMF characters common to all our parks? If so, which one…

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Wedding Fitness Tips for a BRIDE-TO-BE

Clare Skelton trains at BMF Finsbury Park and got married in the village she was brought up in at the end of April. She’s shared her top five wedding fitness tips for a BMF bride-to-be so that anyone else out there who is preparing for their big day can benefit from her experience.  Grooms-to-be can take…

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