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Top tips on Cardio exercise for beginners

Thinking of getting into better shape? Or maybe just feel you could be healthier? Whatever your reason, when you first open the door to the fitness world you might be overwhelmed by everything out there. With thousands of posts clogging up the internet promising their schemes will get you fit quickly, it can be hard to…

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Yvonne is ready to outrun a zombie apocalypse, thanks to BMF!

In jeans she’s not worn for years, BMFer Yvonne is ready to outrun a zombie apocalypse, thanks to British Military Fitness! Here’s her incredible transformation story: “Before I joined BMF, I thought I was so busy I really didn’t have time to go to the gym or anything else. I’d regularly sign up for the gym, put…

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Sheffield mum-of-three sets out to run London Marathon Raising money for Crimestoppers UK Target of raising £1,500 Never in a million years did Carol Speight, 39, dream that she would be signing herself up for the London Marathon but, after losing nearly four stone with British Military Fitness (BMF), she is proudly doing just that.…

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Find Love at British Military Fitness

For James and Heather, British Military Fitness (BMF) is a massive part of their lives – not least because it sparked the start of a very happy relationship. Now married, the pair had different reasons for signing up to BMF… but both consider the social element to be crucial. Despite attending the gym and doing…

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“BMF is good for pain control”, says Lupus sufferer, Lynne

Lynne started going to BMF classes ten years ago, before she was diagnosed with Lupus. When a new BMF park opened at Fisherrow Links in Musselburgh in July 2015, she decided to go along and see if outdoor exercise classes could help her manage her condition. “I really enjoyed doing British Military Fitness before, and…

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