Bootcamp fitness in Glasgow - Kelvingrove Park

Class timetable

Class type Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
Beginner session 18:00 06:30 18:00 - - 08:30 -
Military fitness 18:00 06:30 18:00 - - 08:30 -
Running club - - - - - - -
HIIT 19:15 - - - - - -
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Class timetable

Class type Mon Tues
Beginner session 18:00 06:30
Military fitness 18:00 06:30
Running club - -
HIIT 19:15 -
  Wed Thurs
Beginner session 18:00 -
Military fitness 18:00 -
Running club - -
HIIT - -
  Fri Sat
Beginner session - 08:30
Military fitness - 08:30
Running club - -
HIIT - -
Beginner session -
Military fitness -
Running club -

Meeting point

When attending your first session, please be aware that there are a number of outdoor fitness providers running classes in the park on the same days and times that we do. To avoid any confusion, make sure that you locate and check in with our instructors at the British Military Fitness van 10-15 minutes before the class start time.

Kelvin Way (at the North end)

Postcode for your Sat nav: G12 8LX - this is as close to the meeting point as we can get so please use the map as well.

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Park Manager
Charles Brister

Park Manager
Charles Brister

Charles served 10 years in the British Army as part or The Corps of Royal Engineers. During his service, Charles completed an operational tour of Bosnia and two operational tours of Iraq on Op Telic.

He passed the All Arms PTI course in 2009 while posted at the Army Recruiting Team in Stirling, prior to completing his career as a Section Commander at 1 Royal School of Military Engineering instructing new recruits to the Royal Engineers.

A keen runner Charles enjoys stretching his legs over various distances from half to full marathon and beyond. When not running he attempts to hit a golf ball in a straight line.

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