The Major's Mud RUN Obstacles

Your 5 mile mission will comprise of a series of mission phases; each of which will require you to negotiate an epic military obstacle zone, filed with smoke, explosions, sounds and smells.

After passing through BMF Basic Training, you must complete air, land and sea mission phases against enemy targets before successfully reaching your designated Extraction Point and completing your mission.

Training Zone

BMF Zone

As if the course itself wasn’t tough enough, a few of our super-keen British Military Fitness Instructors will be there to put you through your paces for some ‘Serious Fun’. One question - Blue, Red or Green?

Stench Trenches

One of the Major's favourites! Breathe in the smell of fresh mud! Hold tight onto the ropes while you wade through thick, deep mud - this is the stickiest place you will ever go! Don't say the Major doesn't pamper you - this is your chance to enjoy a free all-body cleansing mud treatment! The troops will be ready to pull you out at the end, but be careful you don't tumble back in!

Lieutenant Leigh's Log Carry

Go solo or join forces to conquer the distance of running with a log. The logs may appear lighter than they are so you may need to rely on your fellow teammates!

Marine Zone

Marine Training

Get ready to get a soaking! The Marine Zone is a chance for you to prove yourself to the troops. Dare you submerge yourself under the marine barriers? Or will you opt for the Escape route?

Jones's Vanishing Bridge

Take a leap of faith and make your way across Jones's Vanishing Bridge! Choose your technique to stay afloat on the wobbly platform - will you crawl, step gingerly in, or cross your fingers, take a run up and sprint across?

Spike's Mud Crawler

Leopard-crawl through a muddy ditch to avoid the low barbed wire. Can you get through without getting cut? Your success in this obstacle will be judged on the amount of mud you have covering you. The more, the better.

Land Zone

Burning House

Escape the burning building military-style! Choose your way in and out – crawl in through the boarded up door, climb in through the window or take a hero leap to reach the top floor, all whilst the flames leap and lick around you.

Grenade range

Have you got the arm of a soldier and the aim of a rifleman? This is the ultimate test of agility and strength as you army crawl under the camo net before hurling the grenades towards enemy lines. What’s more, The Major’s beady-eyed troops will be handing out forfeits for anyone who misses the target.

Creasey’s Up and Overs

Private Creasey’s ‘Up and Overs’ will challenge your power and agility. Will you leap over these giant hurdles in gazelle-like fashion? Can you roll as well as a certain Swiss dessert? Working with your fellow comrades could be essential with this obstacle…

Air Zone

CaféPod Climb

So you thought coffee was your friend?! You’ll think again after attempting to scale the CaféPod Climb. It’s as if, just as you could see the finish line, some giant on a supermarket shopping trip dropped a bunch of coffee boxes between you and glory. Makes you wonder if you should’ve had that extra shot of coffee before setting off…..

Kav’s Clamber

Will you make it over Kav’s Clamber? Going up is a test of strength. Going over the top and coming down is a test of skill and coordination. Fear not, one of the Major’s troops is always on hand to catch you…

Postman’s Walk

The ‘Postman’ has set up this wobbly walk across the bogs purely for his own amusement. Will you make it across without falling in face first?

Extraction Zone

Sowerby’s Slides

You have entered the final extraction zone, so take a deep breath, take 20 paces back, and run for it! The question is, whether to go face first, on your back, on your tummy or just to sit and enjoy the ride...

Hollis’ Hideout Hollows

Get down low to the ground, keep your elbows in and be careful of the feet of the escapee in front of you! If in doubt, the melodious sound of The Great Escape theme tune will help you find the light at the end of the tunnel…

The RBL Ridge

This is the final assault before you accomplish your mission… Tucked amidst the Event Village, adoring fans will cheer and applaud your last hurdle before you charge to the finish line! Easy does it trooper, take it one step at a time, up and down.

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