Why is BMF more than just a fitness class?

The infectious enthusiasm of BMF instructors and our members is apparent from the moment you arrive at the class. After working out together for an hour in every weather condition you can imagine, it’s no reason that BMF members become very close; often lifelong friends.

Expect regular post-class coffees, trips to the pub, weekends away and often holidays too! Many of our members even find love through BMF!


Keyworker discounts

Keyworkers can get a 10% discount on BMF membership. This includes:
Military Personnel
National Health Service
Police Force
Local Authority Staff
Fire Service
Government Employees


“It’s the best money we have spent and will continue to spend”

Jenny, mother of 2 autistic boys, shares how she fits BMF into her life, “….we had no time together, no time of our own and we were getting fatter and more unhealthy by the minute. So we decided, thanks to my best friends recommendation, to join British Military Fitness and do the Monday and Wednesday night classes together and my husband would do Thursday morning and I’d do Saturday morning. To get our boys looked after for these times costs us a small fortune and it is the very best money we have ever spent and will continue to spend.” READ MORE >


Morning Classes Timings
Abington Park   09:30   09:30  
Blackheath     09:45   09:45
Bruntwood Park   10:00     10:00
Bushy Park     10:00   10:00
Cannon Hill Park - Birmingham   10:00   10:00  
Clapham Common 09:30   09:30   09:30
Danson Park       09:45  
Dulwich Park   09:30   09:30  
Farnham Park 10:00        
Frimley Green Recreation Ground       10:00  
Frimley Lodge Park   10:00      
Heaton Park 09:00     09:00  
Hove Park 09:45       09:45
Hyde Park 09:30   09:30   09:30
Inverleith Park   09:30      
Nonsuch Park Cheam   10:00   10:00  
Oak Hill Park - Barnet     09:30    
Pittville Park 09:30        
Preston Park     09:45    
Priory Park - Reigate 10:00   10:00   10:00
Richmond Park 09:30 09:30   09:30  
Rouken Glen Park       10:00  
Shalford Park     10:00    
Southsea Common     10:00   10:00
St Albans - Verulamium Park 09:30   09:30    
St Nicholas Park   09:30   09:30  
Stoke Park         10:00
Sutton Park - Sutton Coldfield 10:00   10:00    
Wandsworth Common   09:30   09:30  
Watford - Cassiobury Park       09:30  
Worcester Woods Country Park       09:30  
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