Wholefoods first

Ideally the vast majority of your intake should be made up of things that could be bought without being packaged (fruits, vegetables, meats, dairy and grains).

Drink lots of water

For every kg of body weight drink 30ml of water, so a 90kg man will need 2.7L of water a day. Add 0.5-1.0L for every hour of exercise depending on its intensity.

Get enough sleep

Between 10pm to 6am is the ideal time. If you struggle with sleep magnesium is a good relaxant, or else have an Epsom salt bath before bed in warm, not hot water.

Preparation is key

Prepare food at breakfast, the night before or at the weekend, ensuring you have the best healthy food available to you when you need it.

Follow the 90/10 rule

Follow the 90/10 rule: If you’re eating right 90% of the time, your body can handle the other 10% and still maintain optimal body composition.

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