Story of a first-time OCR participant

Story of a first-time OCR participant | BMF

Jane Wilde took part in her first ever OCR when she joined husband Shaun at The Major Series Scotland. Leaving Shaun at the start line for wave 1, she cheered him over the finish line in 3rd place before taking on the challenge herself, with Shaun by her side. Shaun is a member of the British Military Fitness Race Team and has been competing in obstacle races for a number of years so we wanted to find out what finally encouraged Jane to follow in his footsteps and try the race for herself. We believe it should have happened a long time ago, given she came 2nd female in the ‘minor’ 5k race. Well done Jane! 

THE MAJOR: What made you decide to sign up for the Major Series?
JANE: In the past I have enjoyed trail running but then lost my momentum due to an injury. In recent months I’ve been getting back into running particularly trail running, so Shaun suggested that I should give the 5k race a go. He reassured me that this race would be great for someone like me racing for the first time in OCR.

THE MAJOR: So what were your thoughts before the race?
JANE: I was a little nervous about the burpees in the BMF training zone but mostly excited! The atmosphere and the very friendly BMF staff made me keen to get going! I actually managed to complete the burpees, press ups and squats ahead of the pack so I don’t know what I was worrying about!

THE MAJOR: Talk me through your training beforehand.
JANE: I started trail running again and I’m also a keen attendee of a women-only boxing class which includes circuits. I also do yoga and I’m now keen to join British Military Fitness with Shaun, especially after seeing so many of the instructors out on the course today. I thought, being military instructors, that they’d be intimidating but they were so helpful and friendly, and encouraged me all the way so now I’m really looking forward to my first class.

THE MAJOR: How did you find the race?
JANE: It’s been a hot day so it was hard going but I did find the obstacles straight forward enabling me to focus on the running. I loved the mud crawl and gave the drink station man a big muddy hug! The water slide was also great fun and next time I’m going to do the 10k race so I can experience all the obstacles.

THE MAJOR: And finally, the big question…will you be back for more?
JANE: Most definitely! As soon as I get home I’m going to sign up for the Major Series Midlands 10k on the 22nd October.

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