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What we do | British Military Fitness

Our main aim at BMF is to inspire positive change within people’s lives by bringing people together to get active and be healthy. This is achieved through our BMF classes across the country, but also through our other products, including Walkfit, BMF Academy and Corporate Packages.  


BMF Classes

Welcoming people of all fitness levels who want to get fit but struggle to find the motivation, BMF classes combine inspiring group exercise led by real, military-trained professionals to deliver life-changing results.  Each class lasts for an hour and participants will be challenged, motivated, and above all, have serious fun.



Walkfit – the walking version of British Military Fitness – is a low impact, fun, outdoor workout involving bodyweight exercises mingled with brisk walking to burn calories and keep your heart healthy. There’s plenty of banter too because classes are led by qualified military instructors with the skills to motivate you to get stronger and more mobile – all in your local park.


Corporate Packages

BMF are now taking our challenging and effective fitness classes straight to corporate partners’ doorsteps by running sessions in the workplace. Our mission is to get the UK’s workforce fit and healthy by teaming up with our partners to deliver a bespoke package to suit their shift patterns, environment and budget. We will help you find a location, onsite or nearby, we will inspire your workforce to take part and we will improve the overall health and wellbeing of your company.


BMF Academy

The British Military Fitness Academy aims to raise the standards of fitness industry education by delivering world-class training that will develop the very best fitness professionals in the industry. Accredited by Active IQ, a leading awarding body in the UK, our courses and qualifications don’t just tick the boxes, they go above and beyond to develop the best instructors.


BMF Nutrition

BMF Nutrition is all about you achieving your goals. Let BMF nutritionist Ben Coomber take you on a journey to help you lose fat, improve your health, performance and recovery, and above all teach you these life skills so you never have to diet again, and these results last forever.


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