Army fitness | BMF

We have developed a ‘civilian friendly’ version of physical exercise (‘phys’) used to improve and maintain the fitness levels of the British Army, Navy and RAF - some of the fittest individuals on the planet.

As the military need to conduct ‘phys’ wherever they may find themselves, it has evolved highly effective group fitness training programmes. Very little equipment is required other than body weight (either your own or that of a partner) to perform a wide range of individual, partner and team speed, strength, agility and stamina exercises – all tried and tested by the military.

All our instructors are ex service men and women with either civilian or military fitness qualifications, so they really know how to get you fighting fit. They will keep you motivated to achieve you fitness goals and their great sense of humour will definitely brighten your day.

It’s all about getting fit together and our sessions keep you moving for the whole hour. You will be climbing over, crawling under and running around each other in groups or pairs – it’s all about having fun. All our exercises are inspired by army training and they’re a simple but effective way to get you fit.

In our sessions you will be mix with a people from completely different background and ages, from 16 to 79 year olds. Our classes are divided into three depending on fitness levels with each wearing a different coloured bib.

  • Blue for our beginners or those who are recovering from an injury or taken time out.
  • Red is for our intermediates most people progress through the ranks so that you’ll always be challenged. This provides a tougher more rigorous workout.
  • Green for the advanced who are often seasoned athletes, a green session will give you the ultimate workout.

You can find out what a typical class is like by watching this video.

Not sure how to get involved?

The great news is your first session is free, so come and give British Military Fitness a go in a park near you. You’ll meet other like-minded people while improving your health and fitness but ultimately you’ll just have a really fun time.