Corporate Clients

Our clients work with us on a variety of fitness projects, see below their feedback.



HSBC Corporate Sessions with British Military Fitness



Heathrow Corporate fitness sessions with British Military Fitness

“Well-being for us is about providing an environment where our colleagues feel safe. When colleagues get together in the sessions there is really strong camaraderie and teamwork – and that comes back into the workplace”

Jane Smith, Head of Performance and Engagement, Heathrow


Travis Perkings

Travis perkings corporate fitness sessions british military fitness

“We’ve been amazed at the significant improvements to overall levels of health and fitness. One of the other unexpected upsides has been the huge positive impact on team building, as individuals who don’t normally work together join up with the common goal and have some fun on the way as well”

Carol Kavanagh, Group HR Director, Travis Perkins



Wickes corporate fitness sessions with British Military Fitness



The Travel Corporation fitness sessions british military fitness 

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