Corporate Health Solutions

British Military Fitness offers corporate health solutions for companies with a vested corporate social responsibility. We work with HR teams to consult and outreach to employees to educate on the importance of health and wellbeing both in and outside of the workplace. Our programmes are bespoke to meet the needs of your organisations and can range from one off events to fully tailored programmes for your employees. BMF can train any day, any time and in whatever space is available to utilise. 

The BMF 13 week Corporate programme

Corporate Wellbeing with BMF


BMF will come in to discuss your health and wellness needs for your teams. Identifying your fitness requirements is what allows us to build a fully bespoke tailored product for your organisation.



Outreach is a very important stage to introduce BMF into your organisation. Usually a stand is set up with some of our instructors and managers that will manage and teach at the site. This will give your team a chance to meet BMF and find out what it's all about.


Regular Health Checks

Our thorough health checks include blood pressure, carry out viscosity and lung capacity tests, amongst others to assess the fitness levels of each individual employee as well as a company as a whole.


BMF Corporate Class Heathrow

Fitness Tests

Fitness tests will be carried out regularly on participants to measure their fitness abilities, including endurance tests. All our fitness tests are measurable, giving organisations and individuals a great way to track improvements.


Review & Report

We gather all the data from fitness tests, health checks and attendance to compile a report for the organisation which will give a hybrid view of the effects BMF has had on the team comparing initial results to data gathered at the end of the programme.

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