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Team building days

BMF team building days

BMF offer team building days away with military-trained instructors. Each course is bespoke to the company and can range from an obstacle course built within your grounds to map reading days out. 


Team building stays

BMF surfing weekend

For longer team breaks, groups of employees can enjoy weekends away doing military-style adventure training which includes hiking, coasteering, watersports and more. The get-away is fully bespoke to each group and suitable for all fitness abilities. 


Team building getaways

BMF Corporate Sunfit

Fancy getting further afield? Treat your employees to a week away at BMF’s ‘Sunfit’ fitness break in Europe’s leading fitness resort, Las Playitas. Based in Fuerteventura, activies can include BMF sessions, hiking, volleyball, circuits, boxing, spinning, social events, swimming and team building games, as well as much more, so it is not surprising that it is the destination of choice for many International Sports teams. What this means for you is that you will be trying out all sorts of new activities, and you may well be coming back with a new favourite sport! What’s more, the resort boasts year-round sunshine.


Ben Coomber Nutrition

BMF Nutrition is all about you achieving your goals. Let BMF nutritionist Ben Coomber take your employees on a 12-week journey to aid fat loss, improve health, performance and recovery, and above all teach these life skills so these results last forever. The 12 week online course includes instructional videos, education and motivation from industry expert Ben Coomber.


The Major’s Events

BMF Corporate Major Series

Atttttention, recruits! Report for duty and join The Major for the Amphibious Assault or the Woodland Warfare, the ultimate fun and friendly mud run in your own corporate wave. Whatever your age or fitness level, walk, jog or run the 5 mile courses, packed with top-notch obstacles, heaps of mud (quite literally), a party event village and best of all, 40 of the Major’s finest troops to lend a helping hand. Bespoke packages and waves are available for our corporate clients.

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