Major Series

British Military Fitness runs the award-winning Major Series Obstacle Race, which takes place up and down the country throughout the year. Voted the UK's 'Best Trail Race', the Major Series is the UK's most friendly obstacle race!

The 5k and 10k courses are littered with all kinds of obstacles, hills, mud and water. But, most importantly, are full of over 40 of the Major's finest troops, there to help you through the obstacles, but maybe challenge you to a few too!

Upcoming Major Series Events:



SunFit is British Military Fitness’s very own bootcamp holiday in the sun. Our very best BMF instructors will provide 5 hours of varied fitness sessions each day in an amazing fitness resort in Fuerteventura.

Classes range from strength and conditioning sessions and running sessions to mountain hikes and pilates. SunFit is all about enjoying activities outdoors with new friends, and learning skills and knowledge from our excellent instructors.

Upcoming Sunfit Dates:

The Major Series

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