Military fitness training - BMF


Military fitness is for everyone!

You heard right. No special serum needed, you can make that Captain America transformation with just a little help from military fitness experts. At BMF, we have developed a ‘civilian friendly’ version of physical exercise (‘phys’) that is used to improve and maintain the fitness levels of the British Army, Navy and RAF - some of the fittest individuals on the planet.


No special equipment needed

We’ve all been there. You go to the gym and the rows of glimmering machines are pretty intimidating. Why does everybody but you seem to know how to use them? Well, there’s none of that with this brand of exercise.

As the military need to conduct ‘phys’ wherever they may find themselves, it has evolved flexible and effective group fitness training programs. Very little equipment is required other than either your own, or a partner’s, body weight. With the right methods and the right teacher, you too can perform a wide range of individual, partner and team speed, strength, agility and stamina exercises. If it works for the military, it’ll surely work for you.


Qualified, friendly instructors

All our instructors are ex-service men and women with either civilian or military fitness qualifications. They really know how to get you looking fine and feeling fit. It’s their job to keep you motivated to achieve your fitness goals. So, if you were expecting a drill instructor screaming at you Full Metal Jacket-style, you’re going to be disappointed. Our instructors have a great sense of humour that will brighten your day (yes, even when it’s raining!).


Training as a team

Military fitness training - BMF

You’re in military fitness training now – that means teamwork, teamwork, teamwork. Working together and supporting one another will keep you on track to achieving your fitness goals. You know what they say: those who train together, drink champagne together.

With all that fun you’re having, you don’t even notice that we keep you moving for a whole hour-long session. Not just moving, but pushing yourself to go a little harder, to try for that next target, to run that extra mile. You will be climbing over, crawling under and running around each other in groups or pairs. It’s a blast. All our exercises are inspired by army training and they’re a simple but effective way to get you fit.


Your team will match your skill level

Our sessions cater to all backgrounds and a wide range of ages, from 16 to 79 year-olds. You’ll be an eclectic mix, but as our classes are divided into three groups depending on fitness levels, you won’t be left running behind (or indeed, way ahead) of the pack. And, we like to see a little healthy competition…

Most people progress through the ranks, making lasting friendships along the way. You’ll always be challenged. The three groups each have a different coloured bib:

  • Blue is for our beginners, or those who are recovering from an injury or have taken time out.
  • Red is for our intermediates. This provides a tougher more rigorous workout.
  • Green is for the advanced. For our seasoned athletes, a green session will give you the ultimate workout.

You can find out what a typical workout is like by watching these videos.


Not sure how to get involved?

The great news is your first session is free. Come and give it a go at a BMF session in a park near you. You’ll meet other like-minded people and have fun, all while improving your health and fitness. Hero-bod, here I come.