The Training Program

The Training Program is split into 3 sections:

HIIT Workouts
Cardiovascular Training
Bodyweight Conditioning (BMF).


HIIT Workouts these are designed to be conducted in your own time using nothing more than your own bodyweight. In order to achieve the desired effect from each workout, participants are required to put in the maximum effort during the workout if you feel this would be easier to achieve conducting the workout with another participant use the closed group to arrange times to meet.

The Cardiovascular Training aspect of the program is the walking/jogging/running part. We will use this to develop your lung capacity and to burn fat. It is progressive and is catered to your level of fitness such as Blue, Red, or Green.

The Bodyweight Conditioning aspect is your traditional BMF session which will be a focused on an all-over body exercise session, working as an individual, in pairs, and teams, using circuits, intervals and games.




The Fitness Assessment and Health Check 

The Fitness Assessment is in 2 sections:

Cardiovascular Test: 1.5km best effort run
The Functional Fitness Test: 5 rounds for time (10 chest to ground press ups, 10 crunches, 10 chest to ground burpees, 2 x 30mtr shuttles)

The Health Check consists of the following:

Body Weight Check
Body Fat Check
Metabolic Age Check & BMI

Essential Information – Please read.




Timetable of activities 

Week 1

Week 2

Week 3

Week 4

Week 5

Week 6

Initial Health Check and Fitness Assessment.


Sunday 7th January 2018 at 09:30 at Bellahouston Park.


Release Training Program and Nutrition Booklet via email and Facebook.


Follow Training Program.


Organise Dates and Activities for the  additional Special Sessions


Follow Training Program


Training Program


Interim Fitness Assessment (optional Health Check)

Sunday 28th January 2018 at 09:30 at Bellahouston Park.

Follow Training Program

Follow Training Program

Follow Training Program


Final Health Check and Fitness Assessment

Sunday 18th February 2018 at 09:30 at Bellahouston Park.


Recipe for success

You should complete the following each week within the safe limitations of your ability in the below order of priority:

  • 2-3 BMF sessions
  • 2 HIIT homework sessions
  • 1-2 Runs as detailed within the cardiovascular training program.

With the above in mind, this is suitable for a person of a reasonable level fitness i.e. as a minimum be at the Blue level in British Military Fitness for at least 3 months attending 3 times per week or have taken the regular exercise of a similar nature for a similar period. If you are an absolute beginner, and have not taken regular exercise in the run-up to the challenge, then please speak to your challenge instructor and he will alter the prescribed program to suit your level of fitness such as following the normal BMF sessions with a slightly altered homework program and negate the cardiovascular/running sessions.

This programme has been designed with options in mind, but best recovery practice would be to leave a day in between each HIIT session, and a day in between each run. To make the programme easier to fit into busy schedules you can also run both session types on the same day. If you are going to do this, then make sure to do the HIIT homework first, immediately before your run. This will help ensure best technique is conducted.

Running BMF sessions back to back is fine, as you most likely know.

If you miss out a training element such as run, you can make it back up the following week. This will make it harder to catch up, but does make it possible to fit the programme in and around a busy schedule.

The main thing here is to do what you can. Listen to your body, and do what you feel comfortable with - do not overexert yourself. You are better to err on the side of caution and miss a session if you do not feel physically capable. Please speak to your challenge instructor if you feel that you need an alternative to what is in the program, or have any concerns about what, and how to do things safely.

You can use the suggested supplementary exercise to replace a normal BMF session if required.

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