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Come and join our friendly community for a workout like no other. Each week you’ll be put through a challenging and fun workout with team games, paired exercises, circuits, strength work and running. Serious fun is guaranteed!



Lee Winders

Park Manager

Lee Winders

During his 16 years in the military, including several tours of duty, Lee spent 13 years as a Physical Training Instructor. At BMF he loves the effort that every member puts into each session, and seeing their progression as a result. Outside of BMF he works for MPCT and enjoys spending time with his wife and kids. He also regularly competes in Regional CrossFit competitions and local strongman events.

Class Times

Class Type Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun
Military Fitness 18:30 06:00 18:30 18:30 06:00 10:00 ---
Military Fitness 18:30
Military Fitness 06:00
Military Fitness 18:30
Military Fitness 18:30
Military Fitness 06:00
Military Fitness 10:00
No classes

Meeting Point

Stoke Road by the Cafe near the water tower.

Postcode for your Sat nav: BS9 1LE - due to the nature of the downs this is as close as we can get so please use the map as well.

Why BMF?

  • It's Fun

    British Military Fitness (BMF) outdoor fitness classes are a proven and trusted way of getting fit, losing weight and feeling great. The average total calories burned during a session across all three groups (blue, red, and green) is 640

  • It's Effective

    A lot of people give up on fitness programmes because they become bored. That doesn’t happen at BMF. Variety and making every session different is the key to our success. Each week you’ll be put through a challenging, effective workout with team games, paired exercises, circuits, strength work and running.

  • You're Part of The Team

    You are not alone. Every week, you’ll be with your fellow BMFers. With the encouragement of your instructor you’ll be helping each other out, keeping everyone going and keeping them moving. They’ll be doing the same for you – BMF is all about getting fit together.

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Sign up for a free class

We encourage everyone, from exercise rookies to fitness veterans, to give BMF a go. This is why your first class is free. Sign up here and turn up to a class of your choice to give it a go, you won’t regret it!



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