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As our most popular park in Scotland, The Meadows is fairly flat but has lot of individual paths dissecting the area. There are many park benches that are utilised for a range of exercise, as well as one hill that frequently gets a visit. Come and join us for a BMF session that will leave you wanting more!

Ryan Reid

Park Manager

Ryan Reid

Ryan served for 6 years in the Royal Scots Dragoon Guards in Germany, Canada, & Iraq. He is a qualified personal trainer, and has worked previously as a Park Manager at Holyrood Park in Edinburgh. He is well known for a fun, but very challenging session, and has high expectations when it comes to technique…You’ll know when you ‘ve had a Ryan class! 

Class Times

Class Type Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun
Beginner Session --- --- --- --- --- 09:00 10:30
Military Fitness --- 19:00 --- 19:00 --- 09:00 10:30
Running Club --- --- 18:30 --- --- --- ---
No classes
Military Fitness 19:00
Running Club 18:30
Military Fitness 19:00
No classes
Beginner Session 09:00
Military Fitness 09:00
Beginner Session 10:30
Military Fitness 10:30

Meeting Point

Weekday classes: Northern side of park on the access road from George Square, at the junction of George Square Lane and Meadows Lane.

Weekend classes: Victor Hugo Cafe on Melville Terrace at the South of the Park. (This is due to parking restrictions at the weekends.)

Postcode for your Sat nav: EH8 9NR - this is as close to the meeting point as we can get so please use the map as well.

Public Transport

Bus: x

Why BMF?

  • It's Fun

    British Military Fitness (BMF) outdoor fitness classes are a proven and trusted way of getting fit, losing weight and feeling great. The average total calories burned during a session across all three groups (blue, red, and green) is 640

  • It's Effective

    A lot of people give up on fitness programmes because they become bored. That doesn’t happen at BMF. Variety and making every session different is the key to our success. Each week you’ll be put through a challenging, effective workout with team games, paired exercises, circuits, strength work and running.

  • You're Part of The Team

    You are not alone. Every week, you’ll be with your fellow BMFers. With the encouragement of your instructor you’ll be helping each other out, keeping everyone going and keeping them moving. They’ll be doing the same for you – BMF is all about getting fit together.

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We encourage everyone, from exercise rookies to fitness veterans, to give BMF a go. This is why your first class is free. Sign up here and turn up to a class of your choice to give it a go, you won’t regret it!



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