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Running alongside the River Avon, this beautiful park has a varied landscape, including a few small hills, a picturesque lake and a handful of flower gardens. Our Monday night running club, using varied terrain will get your week off to a great start. As one of Warwick and Leamington’s best parks, there is a large floodlit area that lights up most of the area to ensure no press-up is missed! 


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Daz Churchill

Park Manager

Daz Churchill

Darrell (Daz) has served 7 years in RLC and has been lucky enough to be attached to many different regiments throughout the world. Daz used to be Britain's number one at 1500m steeple chase and has competed at international level many times in cross-country running. Daz started BMF in June 2010 and believes that taking a BMF class gives a great sense of achievement. He feels good about passing on his experiences to improve our members' health and fitness.

Class Times

Class Type Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun
Beginner Session 19:00 09:30 19:00 09:30 --- 11:00 09:30
Military Fitness 19:00 09:30 19:00 09:30 --- 11:00 09:30
Running Club 19:00 --- --- --- --- --- ---
Beginner Session 19:00
Military Fitness 19:00
Running Club 19:00
Beginner Session 09:30
Military Fitness 09:30
Beginner Session 19:00
Military Fitness 19:00
Beginner Session 09:30
Military Fitness 09:30
No classes
Beginner Session 11:00
Military Fitness 11:00
Beginner Session 09:30
Military Fitness 09:30

Meeting Point

Parking is in the main car park as you enter the park, turning off from the Banbury Road A425.

Postcode for your Sat nav: CV34 4QY - do not rely on the postcode as it is not 100% accurate

Public Transport

Bus: .

Running Hub

Top tips and advice for runners

Are you a keen runner? Or are you just embarking on your running journey? Whatever level you're at, our new Running Hub is full of expert advice and tips to help you master the art of running and achieve your goals.


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