Why choose BMF?

If the thought of a “military” style bootcamp makes you break into a cold sweat, it’s time to think again! British Military Fitness may be the fitness answer you’ve been waiting for! 

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What is military fitness?

We’re all familiar with the scene. A red-faced, mouth-frothing drill sergeant screaming “drop down and give me 20” at a line of petrified new army recruits to the response of “Sir, yes sir!”

If this is the image you associate with the words “military fitness” then it’s time to think again! Because British Military Fitness, the way we do it, might just be your new best friend.

British Military Fitness workouts were developed as a version of physical exercise, or “phys”, to keep some of the fittest individuals on the planet in top shape. The workouts were so good, in fact, we thought it was selfish to keep this secret all to ourselves. So we developed and deployed the “civilian friendly” version you’ll find at a BMF class. 

While a military style of training is what sets this training apart, and will always be at our core, we’ve taken away the intimidation factor and the scary, shouty bits that make you want to cry and ramped up the motivation, camaraderie and fun factors. 

Here are the top things you need to know about British Military Fitness, and why it's worth your time:

If you've still got some questions for us you can have a look at our FAQs, or alternatively contact our membership team: fitness@britmilfit.com 

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